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The population of Thones in 1886 was 2883 people; it was an isolated place, access was difficult and winter sports had not yet become popular. Mountain towns such as Thones had to be self sufficient, especially in the winter.  When the tramway opened in 1898 one would have expected it to make a difference to the population figure; in 1896, just before the opening, it was 2914, a little higher, but by 1931 when the tramway had just closed it had actually fallen to 2537. Not until 1968 did the population of the town exceed 3000.

Despite this, by 1913 seven hotels had opened, the success of which was due mainly to the ease of access from Annecy, particularly for winter sports. The opening of the tramway also allowed industry to develop in the town, and in 1908 motor buses began a service from the station to the mountain villages.

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Before 1883, this was the way into town from Annecy, over the 'Old Bridge'.

Avant 1883, ceci était la façon dans la ville d'Annecy, sur le ‹ le Vieux Pont ›.

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In 1883 a new road was built into Thones with this bridge over the Fier. Transporting the girders up the road from Annecy must have been a challenge.

Dans 1883 une nouvelle route a été intégré dans Thones avec ce pont sur le Fier. Pour transporter les poutres sur la route d'Annecy doivent avoir été un défi.

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This is the old road into town, photographed in about 1910. The station water tank can be seen on the right, and on the left is the 'Restaurant du Tramway'.

Ceci est la vieille route dans la ville, photographiée en environ 1910. Le réservoir d'eau de station peut être vu sur la droite, et sur la gauche est le 'Restaurant du Tramway'.


The 'Hotel de la Gare'....the building has hardly changed at all in the hundred years since the picture was taken.

Le ‹ l'Hôtel de la Gare ›.... le bâtiment a changé du tout à peine dans les cent ans puisque l'image a été prise.

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The 'Cafe de la Gare', which was just to the right of the Hotel in the picture above. The building still exists, but it is now a house.

Le ‹ le Café de la Gare ›, qui était juste à la droite de l'Hôtel dans l'image au-dessus. Le bâtiment existe toujours, mais c'est maintenant une maison.

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